Terms of Use

Every once in a while we get a comment from a reader trying to make us feel guilty for having ads or making money with Abo-bs. To which we usually answer that yes, we do indeed generate money from the blog.

Like you, I hate to see ads on websites. Just like you, I wish there were no ads on websites, TV, radio, anywhere. But the reality is that ads are usually what allow a website, a TV channel, or a radio station to operate. We are no different here at Abo-bs.

Abo-bs generates revenues in several ways:

  1. Banner Ads – Companies pay us to have their advertising banner on our blog.
  2. Text Ads – Managed by Google Adsense and Kontera.
  3. Affiliate Links – We use affiliate links wherever possible.
  4. Sponsored/Guest Posts – On very rare occasions, people pay us to write or tweet about their products. These kind of posts are clearly labeled as “sponsored”. They are never misleading.

About Free Products

We sometimes get free products or apps to review. We always disclose in the review that the product was given to us. The fact it’s free doesn’t mean it gets a positive review. We always give honest reviews. If it sucks, we’ll let you know. However, it’s true we avoid wasting time writing reviews about products that suck. We usually prefer writing about products or services we like and would recommend.